Less sleep, more fun


Less sleep, more fun

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The End

Well, this is the end :/


After I fell asleep this morning (although I made my way through the night and it's drowsy ways) while lying on a bare for my minijob as suncreme-tester. 

This would've been okay but after the one (roughly) hour of sleep if I hadn't to wait for my mom to pick me up for too long. I was just wasted. The other effects on my body were also too heavy, I think. My dry lips were ripped and started to inflame. My eyes were unusable. The limbs aching.

Actually, my compagnion is still going on and he seems to be okay. Maybe he'll make it.

Here the link to his blog again:



PS: Oh, I think I will continue to use this blog. It's kinda fun



Cheers everybody

5.10.09 16:17


This night seems to be tough, argh.


 I have some problems with my blood sugar, too. Dunno if it is related to this but it does definetly not help (it was the same last night). Also my lips are killing me (they are dry becaus of the accutane I'm taking) and from the sleep deprivation every joint is feeling funny or aches a bit.


4.10.09 03:39

LotR - 01 02

I spend my time (15:00 - now) with watching all Lord of the Rings movies. It was pretty cool and a lot of people were there, too. I sticked to my schedule, but I felt drowsy a bit sometimes. I also was on the edge to sleep during the first movie -

 Now Freddy and I are back at his home and a friend joined us to kill some time here with playing video games, etc.

4.10.09 01:48

01 01

After the first night I feel somewhat tired, eh.

The danger of oversleeping is almost overwhelming. We, in fact, did oversleep on the 6:00 and 10:00 naps. Fuck.

If the following night shows the same bad results for keeping the strict sleep pattern it will get dagerous.


Some notes from last night:
- two walks outside, it was fucking cold
- one pizza at one o'clock
- sleeping with the feet on the heating is too cozy
- typing with winter gloves and sitting in front of the pc with a woolen hat looks strange
- failed attempts and techniques to wake each other: shouting, throwing pillows, kicking, switching the light on and off and bouning



3.10.09 10:13

The first night

The first night  was much harder to survive than I thought.

The temptation is almost overwhelming and you are starting to feel cold around 02:30- although it's dangerous to rise the room temperature, because it makes it a lot harder to stay awake if you feel warm, cozy and comftable.

My buddy has overslept at least two times - having one extra nap though. I'm gonna wake him up at 07:30 when his normal nap would've been over.

Holy crap, I almost didn't get up after the 6:00 nap oO

3.10.09 07:15

00 03

It's night now and the second nap was an hour ago.

It's seems to be autosomatic but I'm feeling tired oO
The whole thing is still funny and we'll go out after Fred has finished his nap to catch some fresh air.

I think I will need some things to concentrate on - to fight the boredom during night. Maybe I will play some computer games or watch a movie or two.


And I recovered my old Twitter account:


2.10.09 22:50

First Nap - 00 02

I just finished the first nap - nothing spectacular so far.

I almost fell asleep - almost.

2.10.09 18:29

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