Less sleep, more fun


Less sleep, more fun

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The start - day zero (00 01)

Okay, this is it.
I've got the last night of continuous sleep behind me.

 I'll start with my first nap at 18:00 of day 00. That's in one hour.

It's pretty hard to think of such a short nap in the evening and it should be a bit hard to fall asleep - I've still got some power from the sleep last night left.

Another buddy joined the project, so we will be three guys doing this and at least one of them will blog about this, too.
Tobias - that's me
Freddy - the initiator, his blog
Bjoern - another one :D

Tomorrow is movie's night (Lord of the Rings spectacle - nine hours yay) and I hope that this will keep me awake.

Sunday will surely be a difficult day with the sleep deprivation kicking in with full force and nothing to do in town.
- speaking of town: I'm in Einbeck the next days, so if anyone who knows me is interested in seeing sleep deprivated zombies: mail me ;D


So that's it for now.


-- Here is the link to my buddy's blog:


2.10.09 16:10


So this is it. The first entry-

I'll start with the basic idea behind all this: My buddy and I want to change our sleeping rhythms to the "Überman Sleeping Schedule" instead of a normal sleep schedule (once a day).

So we will sleep every four hours for approx. 20 minutes. Our bodies will adapt to the short naps and will stop/ shorten the Delta 1 and 2 phases of sleep. Then we will be able to enjoy (exact one) REM and later Delta phases immediately after falling asleep.

You gotta stick to these schedules, that is clear. 

The worst thing that could happen is sleep deprivation-

 I will stay over at my buddy (Freddy), in a little town. We will start on friday, so the night from thursday to friday will be the last night of sleep for at least a week.

If everything works out fine, we will start to adapt after the second night. Hopefully.

We will dephase our sleep rhythms so we can watch over each other... 


Maybe we can get a webcam working, maybe. 


Here are some interesting links:



30.9.09 18:05

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